Why the STOC Gear Page?

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The ST (1100, 1300) Owners Club has been around since it was started in 1993 by Derek Catt, STOC #001 and Charlie Woods, STOC #002..  An outgrowth of the Denizens of Doom MC Newsgroup, it was oriented toward owners of the Honda ST1100.


STOC has since grown to over 8700 registered members.  Many of the members, including both of the founders, have passed on, many have gone on to other motorcycles, but many of the members have formed life-long friendships, meeting throughout the year at rallies around the world.


Around 1995, Robert Coates, STOC #99, created the original STOC logo.  After 2003, when the ST1300 was introduced, the club was renamed from “ST1100 Owners Club” to “ST Owners Club” and the logo was redesigned accordingly.  The logo has always been in the public domain.


As a service to club members, Peter Engle had printed up and sold the STOC STickers and iron-on patches that are offered here, on his STOCSTuff website.  Due to health concerns and other changes in his life, Peter sold me his remaining stock of merchandise and I’m now offering them for sale here.

Go Ride!

Don Feyma – STOC #237 – Keeper of the liST, ST-Riders.net – The Original STOC liST created by Derek and Charlie,  now a forum at http://www.st-riders.net

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