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STOC Membership liST

For many years, the STOC membership list was maintained by STeinar Fremme of Norway, and we appreciate his service.


He has recently decided to take down his forum and with it the STOC membership functions.


I have obtained from him the STOC membership records database, and am currently maintaining in manually.


Meanwhile, if you have forgotten your STOC number, or want to become a new STOC member, please email me or PM me on one of the ST forums, or


For lookups of existing numbers, supply your real name and place of residence when you registered.


For new registrations, include:


Your real name,  your city, state or province and country of residence, your email address, your telephone number, and (optional) your STeed name and (optional) your personal website address.


Send Email to me by Clicking Here

STOC Gear For Sale

How To Order Your STOC Gear.

Read the descriptions below, then add what you want to your shopping cart. When it’s nice and full, check out using PayPal’s secure servers.  You can check out using PayPal even if you don’t have a Paypal account.

STOC STickers


Show your membership pride by STicking one (or two or three) of these great STOC STickers on your ST, or any motorcycle, car, bicycle or push cart you might be riding at the time! For you ADV-types, STick one up at the preferred STicker posting spot at the end of the world!  Endless uses!

These are fine, heavy vinyl, and they are definitely UV resiSTant – I’ve had these on my bikes for many years and they’ve never faded,  not a bit, even in the harsh Nevada sun.

They are highly reflective too.  The white portions are white, but they reflect back a little silver due to the reflective nature of the printing.  Plenty of space to grab a Sharpie and write in your STOC number as well.  STickers are 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) in diameter, highly self-adhesive.


$4.00 usd each. Includes postage (USA) – International orders please add extra postage, below.


STOC Patches


These mighty fine and highly desirable iron-on patches in the popular “checkered flag STOC Logo” design will dress up your riding suit, your polo shirt, or, you could even use one to cover up the logo on that losing-team hat you have laying around!   Or just get a new hat and make your own STOC STatement at the next rally.

These patches are embroidered with a high-quality process, nicely finished and have iron-on adhesive on the back. Just apply some heat and they stick like crazy.  They measure 4.5 inches (11.43 cm)  from tip to tip wide and 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) in height at the logo.


$6.00 usd each. Includes postage (USA) – International orders please add extra postage, below.


STOC Super Combo Pack



This is really the beST deal you’ll find anywhere!  You get one STOC Patch and 3 STOC STickers, packed together in a handsome presentation-grade vinyl bag for a bargain price!


$12.00 usd each (Includes USA shipping) – International orders please add extra postage, below..  That’s a big savings on the individual price.


International Orders (Outside of USA) Please Add Extra Postage Here

All non-USA orders, please click here to add an extra 2 dollars usd to your order total for additional postage for shipping to your location. Thanks!


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